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Don’t take our word on it. Here’s what our clients have to say.


“We have been thoroughly pleased with the competence and professionalism demonstrated in our dealing with Enerplan. Very importantly, Enerplan personnel have been able to communicate on technical matters in such a way that our Directors and Members are able to understand. This has contributed greatly to the level of comfort we have enjoyed working with Enerplan.”

- Helen Snyder, A.I.H.M, Manager

Cavendish Cooperative Homes Inc


“If ever there is a question, your staff has been available to provide the answer either to myself or to the board as a whole. During the projects we have undertaken, both the supervision and the companies used have been forthright, hardworking and [of] a mindset to solve problems. The condominium residents have always, within reason, been put first. We would recommend your services without hesitation. Keep up the good work.”

- Mary I. Grant, R.C.M., Property Manager

Brookfield Residential Services Ltd.

“The Board of Directors find that the studies produced by Enerplan are easy to read, and Enerplan will take the time to take the Boards project planning into consideration.


We have no reservations about recommending Enerplan Building Consultants as a firm that works well with the condominium Board of Directors and management.

- Cindy E. Gretton, R.C.M., President

E & H Property Management


“We take great pleasure in writing this letter as reference for Enerplan Building Consultants, and in particular, the Reserve Fund Studies that this firm produces.


Enerplan Building Consultants has been the Corporation's Engineer of Record for the past three years, and we are pleased to advise that the costing outlined within this firm's first Reserve Fund Study…provided costs that were actually dead-on…In fact, in a number of instances, the costs obtained for the major projects were actually less than the Reserve Fund Study forecasted.


We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this firm's services for any Condominium Corporation interested in dealing with Enerplan Building Consultants for the provision of their Reserve Fund Study or Reserve Fund Study Update.”

- Stan Dulberg, R.C.M., A.C.C.I., Property Manager

Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.

“Enerplans' Project Manager took the time to sit down with me to fully explain the process in an effective manner to make sure we understood just what had to be done and in what stages. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others that need major work done for their business or housing accommodations.”

- Bev Pihl, President

On Behalf of Rainbow Circle Co-operative Inc.


“We have been very satisfied with the services provided, including the inspections and communications. The most recent project we undertook was the exterior painting of the building.


We were very impressed with the Scope of Work provided, Tendering and Project Management Process that was used.


We look forward to continuing our relationship with Enerplan Building Consultants now and into the future.”

- Pamela Wright, C.P.M.

Percel Inc. on behalf of GSCC 46

“Enerplan’s experience and professionalism throughout the project proved invaluable. Our satisfied owners and the dramatic improvements to our building are testimony to our working relationship with Enerplan.”

- Elizabeth Kocijancic, Senior Property Manager

Larlyn Property Management Inc.


“We have been very satisfied with the services provided, including the excellent communication throughout all of their activities. Our new chiller... features the latest technology and is modular, very energy efficient and operates quietly. We have been extremely impressed with the performance of the chiller, as reflected in our lower operating costs. We were very impressed how smoothly the project went and with the least amount of disruption to residents.


Enerplan took it upon themselves to pursue an energy rebate, despite complicated circumstances  and poor odds for success. We are delighted to acknowledge their success here as well! The substantial rebate cheque received by the Co-operative is a further testimony to Enerplan's perseverance, professionalism and dedication.”

- Debbie Bhagoutie, President /

Anne Taylor-Price, Manager

Barbertown Co-operative Homes Inc.

“We have always found the services provided by Enerplan Building Consultants to be hands-on, accurate, and they have always displayed the utmost in professionalism.”

- Stan Dulberg, R.C.M., A.C.C.I., Property Manager

Wilson, Blanchard Management Inc.

“The Board of Directors is very pleased with the entire process from Specification Development and Tendering, through Project Management and the final result. We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of competence and professionalism demonstrated, once again, by Enerplan.


Excellent communications and supervision of the contractor was maintained throughout the construction work between May and November 2011, which was nicely complemented by the professional and courteous performance of the contractor.


We look forward to continuing our relationship with Enerplan as our Engineer of Record well into the future.”

- Mike Kozseluha, President/

Nadya Kalinina, Property Manager

Brookfield Residential Services Inc.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and commend your company for the work performed on the balcony systems, underground parking garage ramps and stairwells…On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself in my capacity as Property Manager, I am pleased to say Enerplan has performed admirably through the entire process from Remedial Measures Action Plans…and subsequent development of Specifications and tendering the work. We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of competence and professionalism demonstrated by Enerplan Building Consultants.”

- Don Chown R.C.M., A.C.C.I., President

CHOWN Property Management Inc.

“We have been very satisfied with their work and management. Their staff have always been very prompt, efficient and pleasant to do business with and we would have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

- Anne Carey, Co-ordinator

College View Housing Co-operative Inc.