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We offer a broad range of services, tailored to match the unique needs of our clients. Here's a look at some of the services we offer:


Reserve Fund Studies

Regardless of the availability and quality of technical information pertaining to building maintenance, including repairs and replacements, financial resources must also be available in order for action to be taken. In essence, physical planning must be integrated with financial planning. Enerplan Building Consultants addresses this issue in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.



For clients like Condominiums, who operate with a Reserve Fund, we prepare a Reserve Fund Study as well as the ongoing required up-dates. We have also built into our software, a gradation factor that allows us to vary annual contribution rates and interest rates. This enables us to further customize the Cash Flow Tables/Financial Planning for each client, and, in many instances, where reserves are low, avoid lump sum contributions (i.e., special assessments or third party loans). Enerplans’ Reserve Fund Studies are second to none.


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Remedial Measures Action Plans

Building problems, be they large or small, extensive or isolated, complicated or relatively straightforward, must be resolved. We designed the Remedial Measures Action Plan™ to present our clients with all the information necessary to make action-oriented decisions. Consequently, we follow the same procedure, regardless of the scope of work, to ensure our client is aware of all available options.



We are strong advocates of treating the cause, not the symptoms. Because buildings have many interactive components with a multitude of functions, the “Problem Solver” must have both a wealth of education and practical experience in order to determine the root cause(s) of the problem. Armed with a strong scientific knowledge base, a broad understanding of building systems, and an open mind, our specialists work together to develop solutions to building problems using a “holistic” or “systems approach.”



Enerplans’ Remedial Measures Action Plans™ have been widely recognized as an excellent tool for building owners, Property Managers and Boards of Directors. Our report provides the basis for undertaking the necessary step-by-step actions to rectify their building problems and develop plans for the future.


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Specification Development

After remedial or rehabilitation action plans are developed, Enerplan Building Consultants is typically retained to prepare detailed specifications to implement the plan. Our design teams have a wealth of experience in developing comprehensive specifications and working drawings, ranging from roof and window replacements to complete building and site rehabilitation.


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Project Management

Professional management of a construction project is critical to the overall success of any project. We define our professional management as being: “The overall planning, control, and co-ordination of a project from inception to completion, aimed at meeting our clients’ requirements and ensuring completion on time, within cost, and to the required quality standards.”


Enerplans’ Project and Construction Management services typically include many specific tasks and functions. We have, however, pioneered several of these tasks and functions to better suit their application to existing buildings. For instance, our unique “Supplementary General Conditions” section of our tender documents has been designed to protect the property and interests of the occupants of the building. Our comprehensive Project Management services include, but are not limited to, the preparation of a professional tender document, site reviews, contract administration, payment certification and ordering and overseeing deficiency rectification.


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Performance Audits

As buildings become increasingly complex and construction costs rise, building owners are having Post-Construction Audits (i.e., “Performance Audits”) performed on their new buildings. Our Post-Construction Audit is a comprehensive review of the “as-built” construction. The deficiencies and problem areas are documented and dealt with under various warranties. Furthermore, the initial construction deficiencies have not yet manifested into more serious and expensive problems to remedy.


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New Projects

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Did You Know?

Enerplan developed the widely heralded "House as a System" program. An integral component of the Community Retrofit initiative adopted by the City of Halifax, it continues to form the backbone of similar initiatives across North America.