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Our Story

We are pioneers, innovators and systems thinkers. Ours is a story of quality, attention to detail and passion in what we do.


Since its founding in 1980, Enerplan Building Consultants has been continually ahead of the curve. As the first true Building Science firm in Ontario, Enerplan pioneered the integration of urban design and energy management.


Staffed by experts in the areas of Design, Engineering, Building Science, and Project Management, we provide a progressive blend of expertise truly unique in North America. Our Managing Directors have over a century of combined experience directly with Enerplan. We know our stuff.


With a primary focus on existing buildings, we excel in Retrofit, Rehabilitation and Remedial work, marrying the old with the new. We work with our clients to determine the root cause of a problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.



Our Commitment

We are dedicated to understanding your concerns, meeting your needs, and formulating optimum solutions to your building problems. Industry leadership has been a mark of recognition for the firm throughout its business life. Our aim is to maintain our position by providing the very best advice and support in all matters related to building performance.


  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Remedial Measures Action Plans
  • Project Management
  • Specification Development
  • Performance Audits